A Teacher’s Role

The Adult, who is the Directress or the humble Teacher,  is the steering soul in running the Nursery Class successfully, where she is devoted to lead the children in their self development, indirectly. Let's now take a close look on what qualities a teacher should possess to bring up successful children.

1) First of all, a teacher should absolutely
confide in the child’s capability for development and facilitate the child to expose his personality and potentialities.

2) She should
never infuse her own ideas and power on the child. 

3) She should
respect his freedom to work and remain patient by quietly observing the child at work.

4) A teacher’s role is only to assist the child whenever needed and not interfere while he is working. 

5) She should remain calm and allow him to develop freely.  

6) She should be venerable and gentle in her thoughts, words and deeds. She should serve as a role model for the child.

7) She should develop a good rapport with the child to know more on his behaviour.

8) An adult can also help the child by maintaining the environment in a perfect order for his free access to all his tools for development. 

9) She is the main bond between the child and the study environment. She should be able to present activities to the children according to their needs. She must replicate presentations if the need arises. 

10)She should sustain records on each child’s activities and social manners seen at school. By organizing periodic parents’ and teachers’ meetings, she should discuss this child behaviour with the parents as to guide them to help out their children even at home.


  1. some excellent tips there! loved reading this post :)

    1. Hi Debajyoti welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for reading !


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