Five aspects of Freedom

                             We just learnt in the earlier posts that the teacher or the parent has to aid the development of the child. Likewise, the school environment or the household premises has to be prepared carefully with apparatus to interest child development.

                            Apart from this, does the child really have freedom to explore the environment provided ?  In most cases, i would say no ! There have been many restrictions laid and many no-no and dont's are forced on the child. 

                            A child should be given adequate freedom to disclose his growth patterns and personality. There are Five aspects of Liberty that has to be given to the child without limitation :

1)    Freedom of Movement to be given as the child explores his surroundings through his movement. Impulsive movement also causes interest on a specific activity through which the child wins experience and development.

2)    Freedom of Choice is required for a child to select the activity of interest, which also suits his inner developmental needs. This leads to the formation of an important potential ‘Self Motivation ’.

3)    Freedom of Repetition is also required as the child selects an activity of interest and works continually on this until his inner urge is contented. This helps the child achieve excellence. Repetition and perfection together constitute an important character ‘Concentration’.

4)    Freedom of Expression is important for child development as the child needs to express his opinion and sensation freely to interact and merge his ability of spoken language.

5)  Freedom of Socialising should be given to children for development of public relations, problem solving skills, development of helping tendencies, co-operation and respecting others’ work.


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