Elements of Child Education

              Adults are the idols of children. We should understand that a child endures physical and psychical growth since birth. Physical growth is based on natural laws of development where the events are obvious during discrete phases. Whereas psychic growth is based on a prearranged outline for which a child needs a suitable environment and an adult’s assistance.

                  Dr Maria Montessori, Founder of Montessori Method of education, through her lifetime experiments discovered that a child needs to be given a special education, which should have an aspiration to help his self-development. This also helps the child in his preparation for his life.

                   In her Montessori system of education, she insists that child education should be child-centred which helps in the development of the whole personality of the child through, motor, sensory and rational motion.  Let me just list the three elements of Child Education here below :

1) The Adult - The Directress or The Humble Teacher 

2) The Environment - Prepared specially for the child's self development 

3) The Apparatus - Montessori Materials or other tools for practice

In the future posts, we will go through in detail, on each of the above  foremost elements of Child education. Thanks !


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