Ten Tips on Parenting

                Parenting is the course of nurturing and enlightening a child from birth, or before, until adulthood. The objectives of human parenting are questioned. Parents are the ones who provide children their physical mandates, protect them from harm, and inculcate in them skills and cultural values until they reach legal adulthood, usually after adolescence. The amount of attention parents give to their offspring is directly proportional to the upbringing of the offspring to a successful and responsible adult. 

                  As a parent you know how much happiness children can give you. But you are also aware of the tough times and situations you had to go through when raising them. Even the most patient and careful parents can make mistakes. Here are some wonderful tips to help you become a good parent.

1. Love your children. 
Tell them how much they mean to you and give them lots of hugs and kisses.

2. Give safety to your children. 
Depending on your children's nature, take the appropriate steps to comfort them and protect them.

3. Spend time with your children. 
It is a fact that bad children behaviour is a result of the lack of attention, so spend some time with them and make them feel responsible.

4. Reward your children.
When they learn something new or when their behaviour is appropriate, tell them how important that new thing was and how proud you are of them. But you also have to tell them that they should always keep trying to learn more

5. Create a consistent set of rules. 
Rules should not change often and if that happens make sure your children understood everything that's new.

6. Keep a regular schedule for your children. 
A schedule will help them become disciplined individuals.

7. Listen to your children. 
Children always have something to say. Always listen to their words. Sometimes they will ask complex questions that will surprise you. Take some time to discuss with them and try to give simple and meaningful answers.

8. Don't criticize your children. 
Nobody are perfect, even grown individuals make tons of mistakes. When your children make mistakes don't criticize them. They need to know what they did wrong and why is that thing wrong. Criticize the behavior, not the child.

9. Don't spank your children. 
Spanking achieves nothing but fear. If you feel frustrated or angry take a break. Try to control yourself.

10. Confide in your children.
The most important factor is that we need to have confidence on our children. If we lose hope, the child may feel depressed or let down. They may arrive at conclusions which may hurt them badly and upset their schedule. 


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